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How to Remove a Tick Safely in South Shore Mass

If you’re spending any amount of time outdoors in Scituate, Plymouth or the rest of the South Shore Massachusetts area, you hopefully are following our advice to perform tick checks on yourself, your kids and your pets. With the deer tick population being at epidemic proportions in our area, it is inevitable that you will soon, if you haven’t already, find a tick embedded in your skin.

While your initial response may be to grab hold and rip it out as fast as you can, there is definitely a risk involved if you remove a tick without proper precautions. Since Lyme disease takes 24-48 hours, removing a tick safely can mean the difference between becoming infected with Lyme disease and avoiding the transfer of bacteria from an infected tick upon removal.

What You’ll Need:

  • Pointy tweezers
  • A disinfectant such as rubbing alcohol

What You WON’T Need:

  • A match
  • A lighter
  • A lit cigarette

How to Safely Remove a Tick

We love the advice from the Tick Encounter Resource Center

Step One:

Use pointy tweezers. Standard household tweezers are not effective for removing tiny nymph ticks and increase your chances for ripping the tick upon removal.

Step Two:

Before removing the tick, disinfect the area with rubbing alcohol to avoid getting bacteria into the bite upon removal.

Step Three:

Use your pointy tweezers to grab the tick firmly and as close to your skin as possible, preferably around the tick’s head.

Step Four:

Tip the tick upright so that you can pull it out slowly & steadily upwards. If the tick’s mouthparts break off in your skin, use the tweezers to remove them separately. The tick cannot transmit disease without its body so there is no additional reason to worry if this occurs.

Step Five:

Disinfect the bite thoroughly after the tick is removed.

Next week we’re going to explore what to do with the tick once it is removed and proper tick disposal methods.

If you want to lower your risks for needing this tick removal information, call today, we can eliminate up to 85-95% of ticks on your property with our Intensive Tick Treatment program. 508-536-4855

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