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Fun & Freaky Mosquito Facts You Can Use!

Mosquitoes, while annoying, and quite deadly, are fascinating creatures. They have survived on this planet longer than most of the animals and insects we have come to know. They have been rumored to be responsible for the death of Alexander the Great. And they are still responsible for more human deaths each year than any other non-human animal on the planet, racking up 750,000 human deaths annually. Knowing as much as we can about this tiny terrorist, helps us develop new ways to protect ourselves and each other.

Thought-Provoking Mosquito Facts

  • Over 3,000 mosquitoes species have been identified worldwide.
  • About 150 types of mosquitoes call North America home.
  • Massachusetts is home to fifty-one of these mosquito species.
  • Mosquitoes only live for about two weeks.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite and feed on blood, it is essential to producing eggs. Otherwise, mosquitoes feed on plant nectars and fruit juices.
  • Females can lay up to 300 eggs at one time, and do this up to three times in their short lives. 900 Eggs in Two Weeks!
  • The mosquitoes life-cycle is four stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult.
  • Mosquitoes are fast! They can fly about 1-1.5 miles per hour. (The average human walks 3.1 miles per hour.)
  • Mosquitoes transmit a plethora of dangerous diseases such as Zika Virus, Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya and more.
  • Evidence shows mosquitoes have been on Earth for over 200 million years.
  • Mosquitoes hibernate. Some adult species can hide in a hole for the winter to reemerge in spring. And eggs survive the winter to hatch when the weather conditions are right.

While many often ponder eliminating all mosquitoes from the planet for good, their fascinating staying power seems to suggest that would be impossible. So what do we do? We continue to research and find new ways to prevent the mosquito bites that can lead to mosquito-borne diseases, without sacrificing the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces.

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Massachusetts Department of Health Mosquito Fact Sheet

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