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Mosquito-Free Outdoor Weddings & Special Events

There is nothing quite like an outdoor wedding in the South Shore! Stunning blue skies, puffy white clouds and emerald green scenery make it difficult to understand today’s “destination wedding” trend.

The downside? Our gorgeous four-season climate, lush landscape and plentiful water sources put South Shore at the top of the list for Best Places to Live in Mosquito Living Magazine! All joking aside, mosquitoes, other flying insects, and even ticks can put a strain on the enjoyment of your big day. But with help from Mosquito Squad of the South Shore, you can keep your focus on the important stuff while we keep the pests away with our Special Event Mosquito Control Treatment.

South Shore Outdoor Wedding Mosquito Control

We offer our special event mosquito and tick services for every type of outdoor gathering. Graduation parties, family reunions, Fourth of July parties, and weddings are just a few.

Special Event Mosquito Control

Annoying, itchy and sometimes harmful, mosquitoes are an annoying part of outdoor living in Southeastern Massachusetts. While you may spray yourself, put up with it, or hire Mosquito Squad for your home, outdoor special events may require special treatment. If already a client, you may just need to reorganize your treatment schedule with us to ensure maximum results for your barbecue or backyard party. If you don’t currently enjoy our services or are throwing a wedding at an outdoor venue, you’ll want to schedule special event mosquito control. Guests don’t want to spray themselves with stinky spray nor will the celebrations last very long if the mosquitoes are out and biting.

We’ll treat your entire event area with our mosquito control treatment for maximum benefits lasting the whole night. You’ll enjoy a residue free, odor free barrier that keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects away from your celebration so you can focus on the fun.

Plymouth Mass Special Event Mosquito Control

Special Event Tick Control

Ticks might not cross your mind when planning an outdoor wedding or graduation party because they don’t typically cause an immediate annoyance. However, it is important to protect guests from future pangs by obtaining a tick bite at your outdoor celebration. A tick bite in the South Shore could lead to a battle with Lyme disease or other tick-borne illness, a fate you won’t want to be responsible for causing in a loved one.

The same great treatment that leaves your event venue mosquito free will also provide protection from ticks. To eliminate ticks, we’ll treat the lawn and perimeter of your entire event space. This will eliminate ticks and keep them away for the duration of your event for the safe enjoyment of the beauty and fun that your party space has to offer.

Call Mosquito Squad of the South Shore today to get on the schedule. Remember to call ahead to make sure we can fit you in the schedule, especially around big holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. (508) 536-4855

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