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Daily Tick Safety is an Important Habit in a State Riddled with Lyme Disease

Tick safety is a vital addition to the daily routines of Massachusetts residents. With Lyme disease at epidemic levels, a few minutes each day could spare you a battle with the sometimes debilitating disease.

South Shore Outdoor Adventures Require Tick Safety

For outdoor living at home, contact Mosquito Squad to provide intensive tick control all season long. Lowering the tick population on your property by 85-90% will lower your risk for tick bites, Lyme disease, and other tick-borne diseases. But when you are venturing out to one of the gorgeous local parks, hiking trails, camping, or other untreated areas follow our best advice below.

Outdoor Adventure Preparation

  • Tuck your pants into your socks.
  • Wear light colored pants so you can easily see ticks for quick removal.
  • Use repellent containing permethrin on exposed skin, you can even treat your clothing with it.
  • Avoid tall grasses where ticks are likely to be questing for their next meal.

Upon Returning Home

  • Remove your clothing immediately.
  • Stick it in the dryer on high for 30 minutes to eliminate ticks. (Washing clothing does not guarantee the tick is dead. The heat from the dryer will dry them out.)
  • Then throw your clothes in the laundry for washing.
  • Shower and/or conduct a full body tick check as soon as possible.

How to: Daily Tick Checks

  • Start from the ground up as ticks follow that same pattern, grabbing on low and climbing upwards.
  • Check between toes around ankles and near the base of leg hair where a nymph tick could hide.
  • Move up your legs looking and feeling, look closely behind your knees. Ticks love warm dark places.
  • Give special attention to your groin area, another great hiding place.
  • Moving up to your torso, check inside your belly button too.
  • As you move up, pay close attention in your armpits and under your breasts.
  • Check in and behind your ears and along your hairline.
  • If you have long/thick hair, ask someone to help check your scalp even closer.
  • Get a buddy to check your back and the back of your neck.

If you find a tick, be sure to remove it safely, and save it for potential tick test submission. We hope everyone enjoys the warm season that is upon us and doesn’t let the threat of ticks and Lyme disease keep them from enjoying all the outdoor adventures the Bay State has to offer. 508-536-4855

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