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Mosquito Squad of the South Shore Reviews

Eliminating ticks and mosquitoes for a safer, pest free summer is a team sport. The more yards that are sprayed, the safer we all are. Reviews from our customers are vital to informing future customers so they can make an informed decision when choosing Mosquito Squad of the South Shore. Read below to hear how we’re doing from the mouths of our customers:

“The customer service response time is almost immediate. They have been very accommodating to us over the past few years. I also LOVE the product! We have a toddler and two dogs and have yet to find a tick after the initial treatment. We even have the home where we take our vacations sprayed!”
Andrea D., Bridgewater

“Reliable, friendly service. Solid coverage of mosquitoes. Reasonable price”
Gina P., Carver

_"No mosquitoes."
Cheryl B., Middleboro

Mosquito Squad provides a great service that eliminates most – if not all – mosquitoes from our yard. This year we added the tick tubes as an added protection for our family and pets. I feel safe having my son roll around in the grass playing with the dogs knowing our yard has been treated.
Andrea D., Bridgewater

Finally a business that does what they say and a product that works as promised!!! Pleasant on phone experience, showed up on time, applied the product as promised, no pricing games or additional charges once they show up!! Best thing we did for our family party, we enjoyed the backyard long into the night with no bugs!!! Will definitely sign up for the whole season service next year. THANK YOU Mosquito Squad for a job well done!
Jeff R., Carver

Come as planned each month. Works great.
Dennis G., E. Bridgewater

It did exactly what you promised. We are very happy.
Brian M., E. Taunton

You returned without any trouble when we had a problem with the original service (we were being eaten alive still) and retreated our yard. It took care of the problem. You returned the following week to do the second treatment on our yard with no resentment. The outdoor reception went extremely well and well into the night thanks in no small part to your service. Thanks again
Celeste C., E. Taunton

Fast, non-intrusive, and effective.
Gil M., East Taunton

First and foremost, the product is really effective and the service most responsive. I have recommended you to a friend and he has since used you. He is also very pleased. So, I would not hesitate to recommend you. Your early subscription discount I also took advantage of this year. Thanks and I look forward to your continued services. Best wishes.
Joe P., Fairhaven

I like the fact that I am able to enjoy my backyard without being attacked.
Burt D., Fairhaven

It works!
Clement B., Fairhaven

Mosquito Squad got rid of the annoying bugs and I can enjoy my shady yard again. I can sit in the grass with my grandchildren or enjoy the summer evenings under the trees. The guys were quick and professional.
Gail L., Fairhaven

You came when you said you would and we did not notice any smell or see any residue. We were busy that day but did not notice any mosquitoes. It was a one day event and we have not gone out to that area since but have not heard any complaints.
Margaret, Fairhaven

I find your firm extremely professional. We have definitely have experienced a reduction in the number of mosquitoes in our property. I highly recommend your services!
George B., Lakeville

No mosquitoes.
Deirdre R., Lakeville

Kevin B., Lakeville

Fast and effective.
Rene R., Marion

It really worked! We live in a wetlands and I never would have believed we could enjoy the outdoors at 10pm. The butterflies and hummingbirds returned the next day as promised, thank you for helping our party be pest free!
Lysa R., Marion

I like being able to use my yard.
Gail C., Marion

That it works we are finally enjoying our outside living spaces.
Colleen G., Mattapoisett

Very helpful and friendly also thanks for spraying before 4th of July for me. It was a big help thank you.
Tom R., Mattapoisett

You come when you say you will and it really works!!! No mosquitoes or ticks!! Love you guys!!
Karen B., Mattapoisett

Your service made me feel comfortable letting my children play in our backyard without worrying about all of the diseases they could contract from those pests.
Stacy B., Mattaposett

Customer service is obviously a priority for them, they were extremely nice from the first conversation. Elisabet also called to check on our experience and had no problem coming back to spray if needed due to all the rain we got after our spray. Also my yard is finally not invaded with Mosquitos, at this point we can finally enjoy the nice weather until sundown with no worries.
Marie P., Middleboro

Right from the start Elisabet was very helpful and thorough and quick to respond. We were also very happy with the results of the first spray as mosquitoes in our area have been really bad for the early part of the season.
Tracy H., Middleboro

Great Service and very nice people!! Product works and my kids can play outside again.
Harry M., Middleboro

Finally able to enjoy out yard again, thank you.
Jennifer M., Middleboro

Professionalism and the Communication you have with your Customers.
Bruce C., Plymouth

My yard has been virtually mosquito free for a few weeks now! I can do yard work, garden, sit on my deck without getting eaten alive! I highly recommend Mosquito Squad!
Kathy R., Rochester

Your staff is efficient and quick – and I am able to enjoy my yard most of the time, for the first time in years…I have a business in my home – and several of my clients have already contacted you.
Anonymous, Rochester

Very quick and the bugs are disappeared.
Caroline F., Rockland

Haven’t seen a mosquito or tick since the service.
Dan L., Scituate

I had a very buggy area sprayed a few days before my wedding and it made a HUGE difference. Elisabet was extremely friendly and efficient when I called to inquire about spraying. The crew members that came out were professional and quick.
Elizabeth M., Wareham

Very reliable and flexible visits and significantly improves mosquito problems.
Ted K., Wareham

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